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Online session during the COVID-19 pandemic

How Counselling and Sophrology can help me?




It can take time to reflect and acknowledge our challenging feelings before reaching for help.


I offer you a space where you can focus on yourself, talk about your thoughts, feelings and life challenging events.


Verbalising your thoughts and feelings can help you to see them from a new angle.


Talking and thinking about your life events can lead you to work at a deeper level to find the solution right for you.


Counselling can be sometimes challenging as it might exacerbate, and /or bring up repressed feelings but it will gives way to pacify your inner world.



Sophrology gives you a set of tool to manage life turmoil or to prepare you for an event dear to you.


It helps you as well to be more aware of your body sensations and your thoughts for a mindful living and a balanced life.


I work with children from 4 years old, teenager, adult.

I offer short and long term therapy to meet your needs.




Yes, it can be life-changing for the best.


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